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In line with our company's vision,  By using developing and up-to-date technologies, meeting customer expectations,  We develop, manufacture and provide reliable products and after-sales service. In this direction

  • To be a quality and reliable company in the sector by documenting, documenting and continuously improving our Quality Management System in a way that fulfills the company's requirements, 

  • To analyze the expectations and needs of our customers in a timely and accurate manner and to offer functional solutions to meet them,

  • To deliver the product to the customer on time, in the desired quality, in full, and then to provide absolute customer satisfaction by providing a perfect after-sales support,

  • To provide training support and ensure their participation in order to ensure the development and motivation of our employees,

  • To establish long-term cooperation with our suppliers based on mutual trust,

  • To keep our product range at competitive levels with new designs by following the developing technologies,

  • To determine the approaches that will improve our performance by reviewing our processes,  supporting teamwork,  to reach company and unit targets, 

  • To increase the efficiency of all our processes to a level that can compete at the international level in line with the continuous improvement approach, 

  • Acting with social responsibility awareness, using resources in the most effective way and respecting the environment,

  • Adopting the priority of minimizing the impact on the environment and keeping pollution at a minimum level in every step it takes and in all activities it carries out as a company principle, using the most environmentally compatible materials and technology within the framework of the possibilities provided by the project budgets, and continuous improvement in protecting the environment and preventing pollution in every new project. It is our company Environmental Policy to leave an environment that will provide a better quality of life to future generations by providing


We accept the IATF 16949 Quality System as a Quality policy. Our Activities IATF 16949 Quality Management System  We work with all our strength to become an exemplary organization with our leadership in terms of quality in the sector.

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